Timex 5F011 Bodylink GPS Watch Review

No matter if you are an amateur, casual or pro athlete, you need the best timepiece that offers multiple functions and features. Timex 5F011 Bodylink Speed, Distance, Heart Rate, Bundled with Data Recorder 2 is a must-have for the sports fanatics and buffs. This is a GPS watch which has all the powerful and efficient features to make your training and exercise regimen successful.

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Timex has always been a big and reputable name in the timepiece industry. In the contemporary world, it has made grossing innovations and advancement to bring timepieces to a whole new dimension. It has a wide collection of watches with GPS features so that you could definitely monitor and keep watch of your progress in your athletic endeavors. Not only do athletes need this timepiece, it is also a must-have for trainers.

You could avail exciting new innovations and timepieces with the Timex insignia through online stores and sites. These are reliable and ideal online marketplaces where you could find other choices that would perfectly suit your style and needs. Hence, you could discover the ultimate gear that would make a smashing difference in your hectic training and stuff.

This masterpiece from Timex has amazing and sophisticated product features all timepiece collectors would definitely crave for. It has acrylic dial window materials to ensure durability and exquisite value with long-term use and function. Even if you are training with the most extreme conditions and activities, you are 100% sure that your watch keeps at pace with your intensity. It is made with buckle clasp design so that you could wear it anytime, anywhere with ease and comfort.

It has resin band and case materials to make sure that your timepiece outlasts your longer times of training and sports events. Men and women would both love this unisex band length as well as the cool and sleek gray-green dial color.

Quality and durability are your best investments with the stainless-steel bezel materials along with exciting and basic timepiece features. This includes the day-date-month calendar with digital quartz movement. Bring it anywhere you may go even to the depths of your scuba diving world with its water resistant features of up to 50 meters in depth.

Most importantly, this Bodylink timepiece model is equipped with 3D technology featuring GPS speed and distance systems together with the Heart Rate Monitor system. Moreover, you get the high-tech data recorder 2 features so that you could monitor and determine your progress.

It is created and carefully engineered so that you could conveniently track and monitor your altitude with its vertical speed rates.

This smart timepiece goes the extra mile and becomes your personal guide and trainer with its Zone Alert system. It allows you to set your watch so that it gives you the signal and sign especially when you are faster or slower compared to the set speed and pace limits.

The Timex GPS watch truly brings the world of timepieces with the smartest innovations in technology today! Speed, distance and heart rate monitoring – get it in one spectacular piece!